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A Ghost Train: Class 55 55020, "Nimbus"

Ghost Trains are a type of a phantom vehicle in the form of a locomotive or train.

Other Names

  • Phantom Trains
  • Ghostly Trains
  • Horror Trains
  • Haunted Trains
  • Spectral Locomotives
  • Wraiths on Board

Ghost Trains List

  • Silverpilen
  • The St. Louis Ghost Train
  • Lincoln death train
  • Nimbus
  • Arizona Shadow Train
  • Newark Express Train for Hell
  • Various


Like Ghost Cars, the nature of ghost trains is neutral because it depends on the energy with which they are haunted if it is positive or negative, if you get on such a train be careful because the ghost train that will touch you is possessed by Negative energy, therefore, the spirits within are hostiles and the train will take you to a strange dimension or if the energy is positive there is no danger because otherwise the spirits that they board are harmless and the train will take you to the destination you want to reach.