Ghosts are spectral undead creatures that appear in the first Dungeon Keeper game. These creatures are the corrupted spirits of heroes and enemy creatures that die in the dungeon's Torture Chamber. Even if the torture victims gave up no information, they were still broken in body and spirit!

Ghosts tend to be weaker than many other creatures, but they are cheap to take care of, easy to train and do not need food or rest.


  • Melee - Strangely enough, ghosts are still capable of touching physical objects and creatures. This works both ways, however, and enemies can still harm ghosts with physical attacks.
  • Rebound - A spell that reflects magical projectiles back at the caster.
  • Invisibility - Ghosts can become completely invisible and pass by enemies undetected so long as said enemies do not have the Sight spell.
  • Wind - The ghost emits a gale-force howl to blow enemies away.
  • Drain - A spell that allows the user to drain the life energy of an enemy.
  • Flight - Ghosts levitate over everything, including lava, making them fairly good scouts.
  • Poison Immunity - Ghosts are unaffected by gas traps or Bile Demon flatulence.


  • Praying - Ghosts like to spend much of their time haunting the Temple, lamenting to the gods over their sordid fates. The gods do not care for their whining.
  • Research - Ghosts seem drawn to libraries and make excellent researchers.


Ghosts have no particular hates, unless you count being dead as a dislike. However, a large number of ghosts in the dungeon can be a nuisance for other creatures; ghosts are drawn to Temples and if there are too many ghosts in the dungeon, they will inevitably flock to the Temple and take up all the space, preventing other creatures from entering.