Ssssssss . . .
- Creeper.

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Ghasts are monstrous hostile entities which appear in Mojang's Minecraft franchise.


Large cuboid creatures which can be found floating around throughout The Nether, Ghasts have a pair of black slits for eyes, another for a mouth, and possess nine tentacles which dangle beneath the main body.

When destroyed, Ghasts have a chance to drop both Ghast Tears (an item useful in the creation of potions) and Gunpowder, along with experience.


Normally drifting passively throughout the underworld, Ghasts are capable of detecting players from extremely long distances, and once they have a target in their sights will open their red eyes and mouths while spitting explosive fireballs capable of causing massive damage if not deflected. They will also emit a high, keening wail while attacking, and whenever they are hurt.

Their powerful attack and tendency to fly out of reach of melee weapons can make Ghasts a difficult prospect for the unprepared player, although their relatively low health means that batting their own fireballs back at them is an easy way to defeat one.

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