Geodude is a Rock/Ground-type Pokémon. A common sight in open fields, mountains and caves, this Rock Pokémon was originally discovered in Kanto and is marked as #074 in the National Pokédex.

Pokédex Data

Geodudes are little over a foot in size and have gray, stone-like skin, two eyes, a mouth and a pair of human-like arms. They spend much of their time half-buried in the ground and are often mistaken for simple boulders. Human hikers have been known to trip on resting Geodudes, angering them and causing them to lash out.

Geodude moves by dragging its body, using its arms to pull itself across terrain. It also climbs using its arms and will simply roll when travelling downhill. Geodudes are proud of their tough, rock-like bodies and will compete with one another to prove which is sturdier by bashing their bodies together.

Alolan Variant


The Geodude of the Alola region are made from a magnetic rock which grants them the Electric-type. There are areas on the Alolan Geodude's body that are especially magnetic and attracts iron sand, creating the appearance of black eyebrows and strands of short black hair. Only the thumb and index fingers on the Geodude's hands are free while the other fingers have fused together.


  • Tackle - Geodude will hurl its body against an opponent.
  • Rock Polish - While normally slow and sluggish, Geodude can smooth out its rough body to give itself a little extra speed.
  • Rock Throw - Geodude throws stones at its opponent to deal damage.
  • Rollout - Geodude will roll across the ground with uncanny speed to bowl enemies over. This attack can inflict multiple hits and increases damage as the user picks up speed.
  • Charge - The Alolan Geodude is capable of generating an electromagnetic charge within its body.
  • Spark - The Alolan Geodude can shock opponents with jolts of electricity. This attack becomes twice as powerful when used after Charge.


Geodude evolves into Graveler at Level 25.