MMPR Finster

Finster is a recurring character from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series. An intellectual alien scientist and alchemist, he serves Rita Repulsa as her go-to monster maker, creating various beasts and expendable Putty Patrollers to carry out Rita's conquest of Earth.


Finster originates from the planet Claydoious where he had refined his talent for creating monsters out of space clay. Employed by Rita Repulsa, he used his skills to create new minions for her to use in her campaign of intergalactic conquest. He would be imprisoned in a space dumpster by Zordon along with Rita and her other lackeys until the dumpster was found and opened by a pair of Earth astronauts thousands of years later.

When Rita began her campaign against Earth, Finster made his contribution by creating Putty soldiers and various monsters with which to attack the planet and battle the Power Rangers. He would also aid Rita in her more subtle endeavours by crafting magical potions and artifacts. Though he often suffered abuse from Rita whenever his monsters failed against the Power Rangers, Finster remained her most loyal servant as only she seemed to appreciate his talents.

When Lord Zedd arrived and replaced Rita, Finster found himself rendered obsolete since Lord Zedd would create his own monsters instead of relying on his designs. He resented Zedd's lack of appreciation and when Rita returned to take her revenge, Finster gladly helped his mistress get even. Together, they brewed a love potion that Rita poured into Lord Zedd's rejuvenation formula, causing Zedd to fall in love with Rita. From then up until the end of Power Rangers in Space, Finster resumed his original role of fabricating monsters for Zedd and Rita to use in their conquest of Earth.


Finster has been described as having flaked, layered skin much like an onion, though he also somewhat resembles an anthropomorphic Scottish Terrier. His skin is white and he has large, curved elven ears, blue eyes, and wears a pair of spectacles. He dresses in a potter's tunic and apron.


Though a loyal servant of Rita, Finster himself is not truly evil. Rita is seemingly the only person who values Finster's talents in alchemy, causing him to become hopelessly devoted to her.


Finster is a gifted scientist and alchemist, known best for his ability to craft monsters from space clay and also for brewing potions. He brings his monsters to life with his patented Monster-Matic oven. Finster has no combat skills; he's a thinker and tinkerer, not a fighter.