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The Female Cenobite - also known as Deepthroat or Vagina Neck - is a Cenobite and a member of Pinhead's gash in the Hellraiser films and novella. She is the only female among Pinhead's gash and the only one among them besides Pinhead to ever speak.


The Female Cenobite was once a human being, like the others. In her former life, she was a nun known as Sister Nikoletta. Despite her strict Catholic upbringing, she developed a fascination with sinful vices which grew into obsession. One night, a wandering vagrant came to her door seeking shelter. The vagrant held in his hand the Lament Configuration box and he gave it to Nikoletta, sensing her sinful desires. Nikoletta opened the box and was dragged down into Hell by the Cenobite Grillard who subjected her to the torturous pleasures of the Labyrinth and turned her into a Cenobite.

Deepthroat served Hell for decades as a member of Pinhead's gash, seeking out souls to bring to the Labyrinth. In 1991, Kirsty Cotton entered the Labyrinth in search of her father. During this time, Deepthroat and the gash were reminded of their former human lives and attempted to protect Kirsty when she was threatened by the newly-transformed Dr. Channard. Channard impaled Deepthroat with a spear and upon her death she turned back into her human form.

20 years after her death, it is shown that Deepthroat and Chatterer were resurrected by Pinhead after he shed blood on the sites of their demises, a subject that she brings up in conversation with Pinhead in the Hellraiser comics.


The Female Cenobite wears black leather garments similar to all Cenobites. She has hairless, chalk-white skin and a visible gash in her throat pulled open by a triangular set of wires protruding from her cheeks and nose. She also has a nail driven through the bridge of her nose. She speaks in a raspy, whispering voice, likely due to the wound in her throat.


  • The name "Deepthroat" was Clive Barker's original choice for the character, but prior to the release of the first Hellraiser film the name was changed to "Female Cenobite" because Deepthroat was considered "too vulgar".