Fairies (also called fey, fae or faeries) are legendary spirit creatures that possess great magical powers. They are commonly depicted as tiny humanoid creatures with insect or butterfly wings on their backs; they are said to dwell primarily in woodland areas and dress in garments made from plants.

Folklore on fairies can differ greatly between regions. Many tales describe them as a timid race that went into hiding as mankind's presence expanded across the world. Others still have depicted fairies as demons or fallen angels that are not evil enough to warrant banishment to Hell.

Fairies have sometimes been regarded as wicked, fearsome creatures, but they are more often described as being good-natured, if somewhat mischievous. While they usually hide from humans, they have been known to aid them in certain instances. For example, a human might be lost in the forest and a fairy will help guide him to safety, or a fairy might happen upon an injured human and use its magic to heal them. Fairies do not like being thanked for their good deeds, at least not with words. Instead, they prefer to be given something significant to the person they have helped, something that will ensure that the good deed will always be remembered.