The Eye of Cthulhu or EoC is a boss monster that appears in the game Terraria. It can be fought pre-hadmode and it is one of the first bosses a player will fight on a normal playthrough. It was introduced in the release of the game.

If it is alive in a world the music track Boss 1 will play

First Form

Second Form


First Form

In it's first form The eye of Cthulhu resembles a giant floating eye. It's iris consists of two colours, blue and green, implying that it has central heterochromia iridium, an eye condition that causes two colours in one iris.

Second Form

In it's second form, the eye will rip it's iris off, revealing a jaw with eight sharp teeth under it.


  • The eye is able of summoning smaller eyes called Servants of Cthulu to fight the player for it.

    A servant of Cthulhu

  • The eye is capable of flight and levitation
  • The eye can pass through blocks as if they didn't exist.
  • (Only in expert mode) The eye is able of to dash into the player at extremely high speed, dealing massive amounts of damage doing so.


The eye can be summoned by the player using the "Suspicious Looking Eye" item that can either be crafted or found in a chest.

It can also spawn naturally if the following conditions have met:

  • The player has at least 220 maximum health and 10 defence.
  • There are at least three town NPCs in the world.
  • It has not been already defeated in that world
  • The player is not underground

If these conditions have been met there is a 1/3 chance that it will appear at the beggining of night (7:30 pm in-game time).

The player will be warned about it 81 seconds before it's arrival by the status message "You feel an evil presence watching you...".

If the eye has not been defeated by dawn (4:30 am in-game time) it will despawn.


When killed the Eye of Cthulu will drop:

  • 3 gold coins
  • Demonite ores, arrows and corrupt seeds in corrupt worlds
  • Crimtane ores and crimson seeds in crimson worlds
  • binoculars (2.5%)
  • Lesser healing potions
  • Eye of Cthulu mask (14.29%)
  • Eye of Cthulu trophy (10%)


The bestiary entry for the Eye of Cthulhu says: "A piece of Cthulhu ripped from his body centuries ago in a bloody war. It wander the night seeking it's lost body... and revenge!"

The bestiary entry for the Servant of Cthulhu says: "Young Demon Eyes newly birthed from the Eye of Cthulhu, brought forth to protect their master by any means necessary."

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