Evil Pinata appeared in the movie called Pinata Survival Island. Pinata a rabbit-like demon with a human head and short goat horns ( its body is grey and knobly with a lava filled heart!).


The Pinata surfaced back on the island where a reality show is being placed at. When the Pinata is found by two of the contestants, they crack it open which unleashes the evil that was stored in it. As a result, the Pinata comes to life and becomes a demonic monster. The Pinata goes around slaughtering each of the contestants, and starts to gain newer forms as it progresses. When only three people were left, they set a trap for the Pinata where they try to kill it with fire. It fails, however. So when one of them is fighting against the Pinata, the other makes a Molotov Cocktail and handcuffs it to the Pinata's head. The three manage to get away while the Molotov Cocktail blows up and destroys the Pinata.


  • Bob: Beaten to death with a big stick.
  • Connie: Smashed in the back of the head by the side of shovel.
  • Larry(Off-screen): Hit with the shovel.
  • Jake: Gets testicles and lower intestines ripped out.
  • Julie(Off-screen):Beaten to death with a big stick. 
  • Paul: Beaten to death by the Pinata's staff.
  • Bob(Off-screen): Ripped up to pieces and had pieces tied up on a tree.
  • Doug: Hanged on a tree with a vine around his neck.
  • Carmen: Gets decapitated by the Pinata's weapon.
  • Lisa(Off-screen): Gets pulled into a tent and brutally killed.
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