Enoch the Wise, also known as Enosh, Enosch, Ynosh or Enki, was a vampire who is frequently referenced in White Wolf Publishing’s World of Darkness universe.


Enoch was once a mortal king who ruled over a small settlement of humans named Ubar. When the First Vampire Caine arrived in Ubar, Enoch immediately recognised his mark and stepped aside, handing over the reigns of power to Caine, but remaining as his trusted advisor. In Enoch’s honour, Caine renamed the town Enoch.

The former king served in this role for a time, watching his home grow into a great and powerful city but, as his years advanced, Enoch desired more and more to become like his ruler. Begging Caine to grant him the Embrace, Caine finally relented, and so Enoch became the first of three Childer collectively known as the Second Generation.

However, Enoch and his ”siblings” wished for offspring of their own, and the three went about creating the Third Generation, or Antediluvians as they would come to be called. This proved to be their downfall, as the resultant power struggles and petty squabbling amongst these vampires would eventually bring down the wrath of God in the form of the Great Flood.

Whether Enoch and the other Second Generation Kindred were destroyed by the Third Generation or the deluge will likely never be known, though the fact that several of the Third Generation survived the Great Flood makes the former possibility more likely.

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