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Endermites are creatures which appear throughout Mojang's Minecraft franchise.


As with all things in Minecraft, Endermites are composed of squarish blocks. In this instance, they comprise a central oblong which is dark purple, and a small rectangular "head" to the front which sports what may be the creatures eyes, a small strip of deep red.

Endermites are hostile mobs, and may be spawned in one of two ways. The first is when an Enderman teleports; this event has a small chance of spawning an Endermite in the exact location that the Enderman teleported out from. The second is when a player throws an Ender Pearl; this action also has a small chance to summon an Endermite. Neither way has a particularly high chance of creating one, however.

These comparatively fast little monsters will attack any players nearby, and if themselves attacked - whether by a player or another mob - will call on their nearby siblings to retaliate, in much the same way as a Minecraft Zombie. Whilst their damage output is relatively small individually, en masse they can pose a real threat. It should be noted that, although an Endermite may be created by the actions of an Enderman, given the chance Endermen will attempt to kill their progeny.


  • Endermites are the smallest mobs in the entire game.
  • Due to their small size, they will receive suffocation damage from walking in Soul Sand, as they will simply sink into the ground and asphyxiate.
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