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- Creeper.

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Endermen are entities which appear in Mojang's Minecraft franchise.


Tall, thin humanoids with jet black bodies surrounded by sparkling purple particles, Endermen have long limbs, large heads, and glowing white eyes with purple pupils. Capable of teleporting a reasonably long distance when it needs to, an Enderman is a mob who acts in a neutral manner unless attacked or the player looks directly at its head. Once "provoked" in one of these ways, an Enderman will shake with rage, then open its mouth and emit an angry screech before attacking. Once focused on a player, these beings will continue to attack until they die or are distracted (such as being damaged by a player, another mob, etc.), and will use their teleportation capability to their advantage, moving out of a players' engagement range or even to a position where they can strike from behind.

While Endermen are hard-hitting opponents who are difficult to damage, they are vulnerable to water in almost any form. This means that a player who stands far enough "off-shore" cannot be harmed by an Endermen, and they will even teleport away to safety when caught in the rain.

A "provoked" Enderman

Endermen are also the only mob capable of lifting and placing blocks in the environment. This means that they are technically capable of creating Golems or red stone circuits, but the chances of this happen are infinitesimal, as the blocks that Endermen lift, and the locations they place them in, are chosen entirely at random.

In the Overworld, Endermen are rare, and rarer still in the Nether, but they appear in large numbers in their natural habitat the End. Here they will spawn in multiple "hauntings" of four Endermen apiece. 


  • Endermen were inspired by the internet phenomenon "Slender Man."


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