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The Ender Dragon is a unique and highly aggressive mob in the video game Minecraft. It is only encountered in the sub-dimension known as The End, and was the first official “boss” created by the developers.


An enormous black-and-grey dragonoid creature with purple eyes, the Ender Dragon is a very difficult boss to defeat. It flies around it’s ethereal realm in long circuits, whilst regularly swooping down to attack the player with its fiery breath.

If the player attempts to attack it, the Ender Dragon will fly close to one of the pillars which circle The End, each of which is tipped with a crystal that sends out a healing beam to the Dragon once it gets close enough. Thus, the only feasible way to kill the Ender Dragon is to first destroy all of the regenerative crystals before attacking the monster itself with as many enchanted arrows as possible.

Upon death, the Ender Dragon will drop a Dragon’s Egg, whose only purpose is as a trophy, to let other players know that they face someone who has beaten one of the toughest mobs in the game, the Ender Dragon.

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