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Empusa is a demigoddess of Greek mythology. In later incarnations she appeared as a species of monsters commanded by Hecate (known in English as an empuse). She is often associated or grouped with the demigoddesses Lamia and Mormo, who were likewise related as a kind of spectres in later mythology (the lamias and mormolyceas, respectively).

As a Demigoddess

Empusa was the beautiful daughter of the goddess Hecate and the spirit Mormo. She feasted on blood and flesh by seducing young men as they slept, before drinking their blood and eating their flesh. Empusa is pictured as wearing brazen slippers and sporting flaming hair. In European folklore , her name was said to mean "one-footed". This gave rise to the iconography of a one-legged hybrid, with a donkey's leg and a brass leg.

Powers and Abilities

Sorcery - Empusa, being the daughter of the magic goddess is capable of using dark magic to achieve several feats such as creating, destroying and reconstructing anything, sometimes even to warp reality. 

Blood Consumption - Empusa can absorb (usually by ingesting) the blood and/or bodily fluids of others for either sustenance, offensive, defensive, or regenerative purposes.

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