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Duskull is a ghost type Pokémon introduced in the third generation. It's a Advance Pokémon.


  • Its name is made up of the English words dusk (nightfall) and skull (skull).
  • In Japanese, its name comes from the words 妖魔 yōma (ghost) and 悪 waru (someone / something bad). It could also come from 夜 回 り yomawari (night guard) or 夜 回 る yomawaru (night wanderer).
  • Its name in French, "Skelénox", comes from a deformation of "squelette" (skeleton in French) and of the Nix, a mythological creature associated with the night.


Duskull is inspired by Death or "Grim Reaper" and Bogeyman, which are various specters that scare or kidnap children.

Like any good ghost guy he can go through just about anything. He wanders alone at night until dawn and when the sun approaches he runs to hide in the most vampire and speedy style to be lazy all day, although he must change his schedule when acquiring a trainer if his trainer needs one during the day. . It lives in old abandoned houses, in lonely convents and near dark cemeteries. It is said that it feeds on the fear of children and the despair of the people.


Unlike most ghost-type Pokémon, Duskull and all its evolutions are slow Pokémon (although in some cases fast), with little attack but huge defense. Their attacks are not as powerful as shadow ball (although they can be learned by MT), but rather are low-movement and generally do not seriously damage the opponent. Being a resistant Pokémon and not very offensive, you have to know how to take advantage of it. It would be best to teach him Movement s like Wisp, Toxic, and the like.

Something that characterizes it is having a single eye like its evolutions that moves it between the two holes it has in its face, which is like the face of a skull; this Pokémon moves its limbs (its arms, its lower part, and what looks like a tuft on the top of its head) with the wind, giving the sensation that it is a cape, something similar to Shuppet.

Also, thanks to its levitation ability, it is not affected by ground-type attacks.