A vast land which forms its own alternate dimension, the Dreamlands form the setting for many of the stories which take place within H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos.


Created from and maintained by the very stuff of dreams, the Dreamlands feature a topography as varied as that found on Earth; more so in fact, as anything which can be dreamt of by men can find itself willed into existence there. However, it can be roughly divided into six sections.

The North

The mountainous north contains the Plateau of Leng, home to the Men of Leng and their age-old enemies, the enormous, sentient Spiders of Leng.

The East

Home to the great city of Celephaïs, a bastion of stability held together by the greatest dreamer the world has ever known, Kuranes. However, it is also home to the dangerous Forbidden Lands, and a seemingly-endless desert.

The South

Primarily occupied by the great Southern Sea, the east is home to the island-city of Oriab.

The West

To the West lies another desert, but also the city of Ulthar, home to a curious species of dream-cat, and a great enchanted forest.

The Moon

A rough equivalent to that of the waking world, the moon is hollow, and inhabited by a strange race of Moon-Beasts.

The Underworld

A series of great caverns and crevasses, the underworld is somewhat analogous to to Hades in Greek mythology. It is considered a dangerous place, as it is inhabited by many hostile monsters.


Whilst there are far too many denizens of the Dreamlands to list, it should be noted that the bulk of its population appear to be human. Indeed, many mortals have chosen to make the Dreamlands their home, casting off all ties to the waking world in order to live what they see as a better life.

The Dreamlands also play host to a large number of unique and often hostile beings, although it should be noted that the Great Old Ones and the Outer Gods have found it exceedingly difficult to gain entry to this dimension, despite their ability to shift between realities on a whim.

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