Dhumin, also known as The Burrower from the Bluff, is a Great Old One who appears in the H.P. Lovecraft-inspired Cthulhu Mythos.


Whilst Dhumin’s exact appearance is not known for certain, it is believed to resemble some kind of colossal worm or snake, and is known to possess a scaled skin which it occasionally sheds. Other reports suggest that it may also have the antlers of a deer and the wings of an eagle.

Dhumin is known to fear the light, although whether direct light actually harms it or not remains a mystery.


In Earth’s prehistory, Dhumin occupied the area where modern day Memphis, Tennessee stands. It terrorised the local human population, killing and consuming whole clans on its murderous rampages, until finally the tribes united to drive it deep into the bedrock where it became trapped. They then erected sacred mounds over where the being slept, as a reminder to future generations of what lay dormant deep in the bowels of the Earth.

In the modern day, a group of property developers and a corrupt lawyer had the mounds removed to make way for a new housing complex, freeing Dhumin from his forced imprisonment in the process. The Burrower proceeded to claim the lives of those who released it, dragging them off to an unknown fate far beneath the surface world.

Dhumin’s current activities are not known.


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