Dhampirs are mortal beings who are half-human and half-vampire. They are known to have all of the strengths of vampires with little to none of the weaknesses. Dhampirs have been known to hunt the undead, especially vampires. In some parts of Serbia, it was believed that vampires are invisible and that only a dhampir (himself/herself a half-vampire) could find them. 


  • Semi Immortality: Dhampirs are semi-immortal, meaning they don't age after a time. They can still die however but not from disease.
  • Superhuman Strength: Dhampirs are much stronger than a normal human. They can lift things heavier than them, and lift a grown man with ease. They can also jump great distances and heights without getting injured
  • Superhuman Speed: Dhampirs can run at far greater speeds and distances than a normal human. They also have fast reflexes, being able to dodge and block with ease.
  • Superhuman Durability: Dhampirs can withstand high impact forces and injuries that wound normally cripple a normal human.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Dhampirs have higher stamina than a normal human. They can fight and run without getting tired.
  • Enhanced Senses: A Dhampir's senses of smell, sight and hearing are heightened. They can see in darkness and at greater distances, hear things no normal human can hear and smell things no normal human can smell..including blood.
  • Few Vampire Weaknesses: Dhampirs have little to no vampire weaknesses. Sunlight might affect them a little but usually not.


Blood: Just like a vampire, Dhampirs suffer from the impulse to drink blood. They can control it better, however. A dhampir must feed on blood, though not as often as a vampire does.

Known Dhampirs

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