A Demon

Demons are enemies in the indie video game Terraria that can be found in the underworld.


Demons attack by summoning four spinning purple scythes which get faster as they fly towards the player. The scythes have a chance to cause the blindness debuff.

Demons are capable of flying, having the same AI with bats.

Demons, like all underworld enemies are immune to lava.


When killed, a Demon will drop 3 silver coins and will also have a 2.86% chance to drop a Demon Scythe, a magic weapon that can be used to summon the same purple scythe projectiles that the Demons themselves summon.


The bestiary entry for the Demon says: "Demons are the infantry of the underworld. Unlike their lesser brothers, they cast shadow magic rather than hell magic."

Voodoo Demon

A Voodoo Demon

Voodoo Demons are a rarer version to the Demon. It is identical to the normal Demon in every way, except the fact that it carries a Guide Voodoo Doll, an item that can be used to summon the Wall of Flesh, on it's foot.


Voodoo demons have the same drops as regular Demons except that they drop 10 silver coins instead of 3 and they have a 100% chance to drop the Guide Voodoo Doll.


The bestiary entry for the Voodoo Demon says: "Higher ranking demons can possess a voodoo doll of the chosen one, whose soul is linked with the world's guardian himself."

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