The Dark Mistress is one of the many creatures available to the player in the Dungeon Keeper games. They appear human, but they possess a number of magical abilities as well as a penchant for cruelty and an extremely high tolerance for pain. That is, to say, mistresses enjoy pain, both inflicting it and receiving it. They are sadomasochists of the highest order and can be attracted to Dungeons supporting Torture Chambers. They have no specific job in the Dungeon, but they can make excellent long-range fighters when trained up to a high level.


  • Melee - Mistresses carry clawed gauntlets into battle. These harlots do like to leave a mark.
  • Speed - Mistresses are among the fastest creatures in either of the main games.
  • Lightning - Mistresses above Level 5 can cast powerful lightning bolts to fry their enemies.
  • Freeze - Mistresses at Level 8 or higher can freeze opponents on the spot. They can only gain this spell in Dungeon Keeper 2.
  • Drain - A red beam that saps an enemy of their health and grants it to the caster.
  • Teleport - At maximum level, mistresses can teleport anywhere across the map. Only available in DK1.
  • Hail Storm - A harsh flurry of icy fragments that can cripple a group of enemies.


  • Pain - A Dark Mistress will usually spend her time tormenting captured heroes in the Torture Chamber or being tortured herself (Kinky!). She is also the only creature that actually enjoys being slapped by the Hand of Evil.
  • Combat - Why should Mistresses have all the fun and not share it out a little? They relish combat and are particularly effective when fighting at range.


  • Samurai - So noble, honourable and chaste... everything that Mistresses hate.
  • Fairies - Mistresses and fairies may be related in some form, but they absolutely despise one another. Even fairies that have been bewitched by the Keeper will not share lair-space with mistresses.
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