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The Cyclopes were a race of creatures which appeared in the 1958 mythological fantasy movie The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad.


As with cyclopes in general, the movie Cyclopes sported only one eye. They were large brownish humanoids easily four or five times the height of a man with furred, satyr-like legs, pointed ears, and a single vicious horn mounted on their foreheads. They appeared to be possessed of at least a rudimentary intelligence, as demonstrated by one when it attempted to cook its food before consuming it.


When Sinbad and his crew travelled to the island of Colossa in search of a magical lamp for the sorceror Sokurah, they stumbled across the lair of one of the beasts in the Valley of the Cyclopes. Attempting to steal the treasures piled high within, several of Sinbad's men were cornered and captured by the Cyclops, who proceeded to tie them to spits and begin roasting them alive.

After Sinbad successfully rescued his men, he blinded the creature with a flaming torch, then baited it to the edge of a cliff where it fell to its death.

Later, when attempting to flee Colossa with the Princess Parisa, Sinbad encountered a second creature. This time however, Sinbad unchained Sokurah's enslaved dragon Taro, who battled the Cyclops and ultimately killed it.


  • Both of the Cyclopes in the movie were animated by stop-motion legend Ray Harryhausen.
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