Cyäegha, also known as The Destroying Eye or The Waiting Dark, is a Great Old One who appears in the H.P. Lovecraft-inspired Cthulhu Mythos.


Lying dormant in an enormous cavern beneath Dunkelhügel (Dark Hill) mountain in Germany, Cyäegha manifests as a colossal eye with a black body and green iris surrounded by a great mass of writhing tentacles. It is rumoured to be a nihilistic being who shows nothing but contempt for all those around it.


Known to have existed since the beginning of time, Cyäegha has been both nurtured and imprisoned beneath Dunkelhügel for untold millennia, surrounded by five spirits known as the Vaeyen. These spirits, who inhabit small statues which encircle Cyäegh, are there to ensure that The Waiting Dark remains in captivity undisturbed. The descendants of his former cult in a nearby town perform a ritual once a month which fills the dual functions of supplication to their god and reinforcing of the magical chains of its binding.

Although Cyäegha is worshiped by these humans, they are also deathly afraid of waking him, as they fear what he might do to them. For this reason, the townsfolk generally avoid the area of the mountain when not on the business of performing their ritual.



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