Culumon is a Child-Level Digimon of the Holy Beast class. It appears as a small, cute creature with white fur, large green eyes and ears that resemble wings. It has purple markings on its paws and ears as well as a Zero Unit symbol on its forehead.

Though labelled as a Child-level, Culumon has no actual level. As a Virus Buster type, it is revered in the Digital World as sacred and possesses powers that can be considered divine.


  • Shining Digivolution - This power allows Culumon to trigger a Mega-level digivolution in other Digimon.
  • Culumon's Prayer - An aura of light that heals injured Digimon and relieves them of all ailments.
  • Giga Power - This allows Culumon to digivolve into any Mega-level Digimon.
  • Keter Flare - Culumon attacks with a ray of angelic light.


Culumon is the living embodiment of digivolution itself. It uses its power to digivolve other Digimon to their Perfect forms and can also assume these forms itself, but it does not digivolve naturally by itself.

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