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The Creepshow Creep is the host of the American horror franchise titled Creepshow.


The Creep takes on many different forms through the course of the three films he appears in, as well as the television show appearing on Shudder.

In the first Creepshow film, the Creep manifests as a robed and hooded skeletal figure with long white hair. He is filmed using both practical effects and animation.

In the second Creepshow film, the Creep manifests as a jumpsuited mailman, still bearing garish features and appearing more monstrous than in the first. He speaks in the second installment, taking on a more narrative role. He wears both a green jumpsuit and cap, and grey and red cloak, and appears both in real life and as an animated character.

In the third Creepshow film, the Creep manifests as a hot dog vendor who kills a dog named Fudgie, then takes the body to his house and slices it up into hot dog pieces so he can sell them to people.

In the Creepshow TV series, the Creep appears much similar to his appearance in the first film, that of a cloaked and decaying figure who only laughs, never speaks.