Chromatic Dragons

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Chromatic dragons are a particular class of dragon in the Dungeons & Dragons roleplay game and other associated media. Many tales and legends speak of these powerful beasts and most of the details are often false. Though romanticised frequently in story and song, chromatic dragons are evil, greedy creatures that care for little other than their own indulgence, though this has not deterred several lesser beings from worshipping them as deities. Chromatic dragons are always eager to be served by those they regard as inferior, though are not interested in mere worship and praise. They covet material wealth above all else, building up vast hoards of gemstones, gold and magical artifacts. Chromatic dragons are solitary creatures and do not like to interact with others of their own kind if they can avoid it. They build their lairs in isolated areas such as deep dungeons and ancient ruins, the only company they keep being the creatures that they allow to serve them.

Chromatic dragon types

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