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La Cegua was a beautiful woman Who was cursed by transforming into a spectral monstrosity with a hideous face shaped like the skull of a rotting horse.


Travelers in Costa Rica (and some current ancient ones) were very careful to travel on lonely roads at night. And it is that at any moment he could run into La Cegua, a ghost (or "fright") with the appearance of a beautiful woman who asked them for help to take her somewhere.

However, when they agreed and she climbed onto the traveler's horse or vehicle, the beautiful woman's face was transformed into a horrifying rotten horse's head. What happened next? Popular culture contemplates different behaviors of the Cegua (or “Segua”, or also “Tzegua”):

Let Cegua bite the traveler's face to mark him as an adulterer.

Make him go crazy and leave him physically handicapped.

Or directly cause death between horrible screams, bursting his eyes.

Some legends even speak of several Ceguas cooperating with each other to stalk their victims. And it not only affected travelers, but also womanizing men of questionable morals.