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Candyman was the main antagonist of the 1992 horror film of the same name and its sequels. Although a brutal killer and a spirit of revenge, Candyman has an especially tragic past compared to most horror icons, which undoubtedly made him more sympathetic - though he was nonetheless as dangerous and deadly as any other antagonist of the series. slasher movie.

As with Clive Barker's previous icon, Pinhead, Candyman's character was intentionally designed to be highly charismatic and articulate, the main source of his fear stemming from his warped sense of reasoning.

He is portrayed by Tony Todd, who also portrays Captain Darrow.


Candyman takes the form of an African American man, very thin and very tall, six feet five inches tall, easily surpassing all the other characters in the Candyman movies. His outfit consists of a large brown fur coat, a white tie around his neck, gray pants, a pair of polished leather shoes, and a bloody hook in place for his right hand, which he uses to maim his victims. . His trenchcoat is used to hide the grotesque mutilations of him, a product of the torture he suffered shortly before his death. Beneath it reveals the skinless rib cage and hollow abdomen, as well as the internal organs of it that are being infested by the many bees that live within it. His hair is black and curly, but very short.



The origins of Candyman are explored in a legend surrounding the tragic death of a painter in the city of Chicago during the early 1800s, the same story that first appears in 1890. The legend said that Candyman was initially the son of a slave, Inventing a machine that mass produced shoes during the American Civil War. With his newfound fortune, the father had sent his boy to all the best schools in America, the young man growing up to become a courteous and good-natured gentleman, as well as a well-known painter, famous for capturing the status of a person in Pictures . Around 1890, the young painter had been commissioned by a wealthy landowner to capture the beauty of his daughter, a white virgin. The only sin of the painter was to fall in love with the girl in question with whom they would have minor children. Unfortunately, the girl's father had discovered her relationship and he was so outraged that he hired a mob of lynchers to find and kill the young painter. When the crowd chased him through the streets of Chicago's far north, they finally overpowered him and cut off his right hand with a rusty blade. The young painter's body had been stained with honey from a local apiary, causing the bees to wound him to death and prompting future generations in the neighborhood to name him "Candyman." The painter's corpse had been burned on a pyre, with his ashes scattered throughout the region.

In the second Candyman movie, the painter is named after Daniel Robatille. Likewise, the film returns to its origin by placing the birth and death of the painter in New Orleans. He was born on the Esplanade plantation (the future home of the Tarrant family) within New Orleans. Also of the note, the young white woman with whom Daniel had an affair with was identified as Caroline Sullivan.

Some time after her death, the ghost of Daniel rose from the grave, a spiteful and vengeful spirit that haunted anyone who dared to question his existence. An urban legend was raised that said that anyone who recites the name Candyman five times in the mirror, will immediately turn off the lights, summon the ghost who will kill his summoner along with anyone who has witnessed the appearance of the wraith.

After a month in the hospital, before her trial, a psychologist has an interview with Helen. To prove that the Candyman is real, she begins to believe that the Candyman is nothing more than folklore. But due to this disbelief, sooner or later the Candyman reveals to Helen that he is really real. When she sees the demon spirit for the first time, she passes out and wakes up in Annie Marie's apartment covered in blood. Annie Marie's rottweiler is beheaded and her baby Anthony is missing her, she attacks Helen and is forced to defend herself against Annie by cutting her with a steak knife. The police enter the room and arrest Helen. Helen is then rescued from jail by her husband Trevor who then goes on an errand while Helen is in the apartment. While Helen is there, she tries to find clues from the photos she took of the pictures and words that describe the Candyman. She then goes to the bathroom to think about things then Candyman explodes through the mirror, she runs but sees that she cannot not escape the evil spirit. He reveals that she has the child and he will take her where he (Anthony) is going to die in a new place.