The Brzak is an aquatic B.O.W. that appears in Resident Evil 6. Produced using the C-virus, this monster appears to be a mutated bull shark, but is in fact a mutated human. The name "Brzak" is the Serbian word for "Rapids".


The Brzak's fins bear a passing resemblance to human limbs, the hands and feet having expanded and formed webbing between the digits. How exactly the rest of its shark-like body was formed remains unknown.

The Brzak is blind and relies on electroreception to detect prey. It will immediately home in on any vibrations in the waters it inhabits and it is capable of eating virtually anything. A researcher for the Family claims to have disposed of sensitive data by feeding old computers to the beast, prodding the objects to ensure that the Brzak consumed them. The Brzak will only attack moving prey and pays no attention to motionless objects.

Its tongue is horrifically deformed, covered in bony protrusions and a bright orange protrusion and takes up a large portion of the creature's head. This tongue appears to be capable to extending to ensnare its victims. The creature's fins appear to have claws, which enable it to navigate rough terrain and pursue its prey through dry environments.


During the Tall Oaks Bioterror Incident, US agents Leon Kennedy and Helena Harper encountered the Brzak whilst trying to escape from the Family's research facility located beneath the Tall Oaks Cathedral. They quickly saw a disturbance in the water, noticing the large fin splashing around. The B.O.W was trapped behind underwater rubble, allowing Leon and Helena to escape. The Brzak eventually manages to sneak up on Helena and pull her underwater, only escaping after a fierce struggle.

After the duo are trapped in underwater ruins, the Brzak stalks them as they swim for air. It catches Helena and Leon is forced to climb up its back to help her. They gouge out the creature's eyes, successfully forcing it away. Leon encounters it again while swimming to safety and must narrowly avoid its attempts to pull him underwater.

The Brzak swims after the two when they fall into an underground waterfall and they are forced to shoot its mouth to keep it at bay. The Brzak was killed when Leon or Helena, shot an explosive barrel flying above them.

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