Brynhild, also known as Brunhilde, is a vampire of Clan Gangrel who appears in White Wolf Publishing’s World of Darkness setting.


Embraced somewhere around the year 150 BC, Brunhilde was a once a woman who lived amongst the Scandic peoples of Northern Europe. Upon becoming a vampire, she quickly set about the task of forming the Waelkyrige, a group of exclusively-female vampires who acted in the manner of messengers of the gods for the primitive tribesmen of that era.

The rise of Christianity in the region meant that their cult went into decline however, and after two hundred years of warfare against vampires who came with the Christian invaders, Brynhild accepted defeat and went into a long sleep.

Fast forward to the present day, and the widespread violence and bloodshed of World War One awakened Brynhild. She soon set about reforming the Waelkyrige, and aided the Anarch Movement of America’s South West, recruiting many of their number into her sect. She has also accelerated the creation of new vampires in order to swell the numbers of the Waelkyrige, as she firmly believes that the End of Nights is upon us, and wishes to have an army capable of battling against the ancient evils which are rising in our times.

One fact which is known to few save herself, is that Brynhild has uncovered the sleeping form of an incredibly ancient vampire who she believes to be Odin himself. She has made the protection of this being one of her utmost priorities, as she believes that he will aid her and her warriors in their upcoming struggles.

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