The Brute is a variety of Necromorph from the Dead Space video games. Appearing as a hulking humanoid beast, this monster is made from multiple human corpses. Its arms are longer than the rest of its body and so it moves by dragging itself along with its arms much like a gorilla.


The Brute is composed of numerous human corpses and most of its body is covered with dense armoured plates made from bone and calcified skin. The exoskeleton is extremely hard and resistant to weapons fire, however, there are patches of exposed muscle at the elbows and the creature's posterior lacks any plating, making its backside the most vulnerable point. Isaac Clarke is able to kill Brutes most effectively by using Stasis on them and then firing on them from behind whilst they are immobile.


With its enormous strength, a Brute can charge through most obstacles to reach its prey. It can quickly kill victims by smashing them with its large barbed fists and will quickly turn around to protect its back from attack. If its arms are severed, it will grow new vestigial limbs so that it will remain mobile. If its legs are severed, it will start launching organic bombs at prey. Isaac can use Kinesis to catch the projectiles and throw them back at the attacking Brute.

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