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Brumaks are giant reptilian creatures that dwelled within the Hollow in the Gears of War series. Even though they are reptilian, they are apparently descended from apes that were biologically engineered by the Locust. The Locust now use these hulking monstrosities as walking artillery platforms.


The typical Brumak grows to around 49 feet tall and weighs over 15,000 kg. Even without the armour that the Locust attach to them, they have extraordinarily thick hides and can shrug off most weapons fire easily. Though armed with heavy weaponry, Brumaks are quite capable of laying waste to enemies with just their own natural strength. A Brumak is quite capable of knocking over a COG Assault Derrick with one shoulder slam.


Among the Locust Horde, Brumaks serve as living tanks. Even one Brumak is capable of bulldozing several COG vehicles, but they are a truly terrifying force when encountered in numbers. Throughout the Locust War, Brumaks were used to cripple the infrastructures of human cities, devastate COG military forces and massacre civilian populations.

Brumaks under Locust control are all outfitted with armour plating on their upper bodies, heads and legs. A Locust Drone can typically be found riding at the controls of the large rocket turret mounted on the creature's back. The massive gun can fire a volley of four rockets at a time. As well as the rocket launcher, a Brumak is also outfitted with two large chain guns, one on each forearm. There are rumours among Gears that Brumaks have also been equipped with beam weapons rather than chain guns, though such rumours have not been verified.

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