Dracula Coppola vampire brides

The Brides of Dracula are three voluptuous young women whom Count Dracula chose as his sensual companions and lovers some time during his early years as a vampire. They were originally local Transylvanian townswomen or possibly gypsies whom Dracula kidnapped and fed upon like any other victim before converting them into vampires like himself after falling in love with them to some degree or just seeking to assuage his deep loneliness. He keeps them relatively satisfied both sexually as well as curbs their bloodlust by feeding them baby boys whom he kidnaps from local women and the town's nurseries.

These undead harlots were never named individually, but in Bram Stoker's story they resided in Castle Dracula and would present themselves to the Count's guests in a playful, seductive manner. Those that were enticed by the brides' flirtatious allure would find themselves becoming the trio's next meal.

Beneath the brides' charming exteriors are ferocious, savage predators. They possess strength and power similar to Dracula's, though to a lesser extent. Though devoted to the Count, their violent urges could get the better of them, as demonstrated when they disobeyed Dracula by attempting to feed on Jonathan Harker.

Like their master, the brides are repulsed by religious objects and garlic. They also cannot tolerate sunlight or the touch of silver.