The Book of Nod is a collection of ancient texts which appears in White Wolf Publishing’s World of Darkness setting.


The Book of Nod consists of a series of fragmented texts which have been assembled over the years by various Kindred scholars. The Book is split into three distinct sections, or Chronicles as they are known. These are as follows.

The Chronicle of Caine

  • Dealing with the early part of vampire history, this section explains Caine’s motivations for the actions which led to his Curse, and documents his actions through the creation of the City of Enoch to the fall of the Second City. The passages here are believed by some to be a direct transcript of Caine’s own words.

The Chronicle of Shadows

  • This section documents the laws that Caine allegedly handed down to his Childer during the time of the City of Enoch. Whether the Chronicle of Shadow even belongs in the Book of Nod is a hotly debated topic amongst Kindred researchers.

The Chronicle of Secrets

  • The final section of the Book gives prophecy on the time of Gehenna, or the End Times as it is sometimes known, wherein Caine shall return to destroy his Childer. Many have interpreted the signs given within this Chronicle as meaning that these times are upon us.

The Book of Nod is a controversial tome in vampire society, as it is not even clear who the original author is. Some suspect that the erudite Antediluvian Saulot penned the material, others suspect it is a Machiavellian prank orchestrated by mad Malkav, whilst yet more believe the work comes directly from Caine himself. Needless to say that due to its subject material, possession of even a fragment of the Book is met with severe punishments within the Camarilla.