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The Bogeyman

The Bogeyman (also called Boogeyman) is a mythical creature that frightens both children and adults. It‘s shape varies in the mind of the child who sees him, usually taking the form of the child’s worst nightmare. The Bogeyman usually target children who misbehave and traditionally hide under the bed or stairs, in the closet, or other dark areas waiting for the right moment to strike. Parents typically use the Bogeyman to get children to behave if they are bad and say that he'll bite off their toes and fingers if they have them over the bed at night or thumbs if a child sucks their thumbs. In many other cases the Bogeyman is another nickname of the Devil, but in most general terms the Bogeyman is a living embodiment of fear and terror and usually used to describe awful scary beings.


The Bogeyman is related to many similar beings, who, together, form a type of urban legends in their own right - yet he is definitely the most infamous of all and is especially prominent in Western cultures. Even to this day, some people will use the Bogeyman to scare children with good behavior, although it is becoming less popular due to the negative effects that it can bring to some children: the fear of the Bogeyman is also a natural part of the development of children and it is very It is common for children to go through a period of fear of the Bogeyman in the closet or under their bed: usually people grow from this fear when they grow up, but the few who cannot suffer the curse of the Bogeyman throughout his life. (unless they are lucky enough to get help to conquer this fear, like the boy in the movie "BOOGEYMAN").

Some other characters have been confused with the Bogeyman, such as Michael Myers or Stephen King's IT. The Bogeyman has also been a legend since around 350 AD.


Kid missing in closet

This true story was seen in an episode of Beyond Belief, Fact or Fiction. There was a boy who told his mother that there was a formless one living in his closet. She didn't believe him. A few days later, a child entered the closet. The mother opened the closet door and found no one there. The police did not know what to think. The monster has never returned. However, the story turned out to be false, as a new cross-sectional finding that the boy secretly came out of a ceiling panel and went to a friend's house. He hid there for a while, until the friend's mother found him hiding in the attic.