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Bloodmounts are ferocious subterranean creatures that dwell in the Hollows of Sera in the Gears of War series. Bred by the Locust as beasts of burden and battle, these menacing creatures can often be seen on the battlefield ridden by Drone Beast Riders.


Bloodmounts are squat, stocky things with two large arms that they use as legs, running across terrain and climbing over obstacles. Their legs are small, thin and unsuitable for locomotion, but they end in razor-sharp talons which are perfect for ripping prey to shreds. They have saddles on their backs for Locust drones to ride upon and have patches of armour covering their heads and shoulders.


In battle, Bloodmounts never stop moving and will relentlessly advance upon an enemy regardless of what obstacles are in the way. Bloodmounts can climb over barricades easily, or use their clawed legs to tear through them. Like most Hollow species, their thick hides can absorb a large amount of gunfire. While closing the gap between themselves and the enemy, the Bloodmounts' drone riders will continuously fire upon targets with their Hammerburst rifles. When the Bloodmount gets close enough to a human, it will tear them apart with its talons and feast on the remains.

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