• Domo111

    Zombies VS Unicorns

    April 19, 2011 by Domo111

    Okay. here's the deal.

    I bought this book called Zombies vs Unicorns. It is about two authors (Holly Black and Justine Larbalestier) as they try to settle the dispute if zombies or unicorns are better with a collection of short stories. It is a very good book and very funny and grim.

    This is the problem.

    I am, of course, on team Zombie. Zombies are our own walking deaths. Funny, grim and terrifying, they have sprang into pop culture and crawled into our nightmares, inspiring authors, film makers and many more. What are Unicorns? Fluffy, sickly pastel rainbow-farts.

    My best friend disagrees. She says that, because she's a fantasy NUT, Unicorns are magestic beasts, powerful awesome and fierce. proud horses with pointy objects on their heads they…

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  • Real Waba


    April 3, 2011 by Real Waba

    ummm.... testing out the blog thing

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  • Domo111

    Cthulhu Rocks

    April 1, 2011 by Domo111

    Okay, one thing.... WE HAVE NO CTHULHU!!!!! But we DOOOO have is BARNY THE PURPLE DINOSAUR!!!! that is WRONG!!! We must have Cthulhu.

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  • Dylanmc12

    It's Almost Midnight, I'm sitting in my room with LUA on, and eating popcorn.

    Stuff to do... Stuff to do...

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  • STMF

    CCU sign-up

    May 14, 2010 by STMF

    Do you Skin, Mesh, and/or Code for ZT2? If you do: I need your help. I have a team for ZT2 called CCU or Cool Creatures United and I need help. So if you want to try out, please go to: CCU Signup to enter. Post a picture of your work, and you have to enter by July 4, 2010.



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  • STMF

    Best Blog EVAR!!!

    February 1, 2010 by STMF


    Have you ever seen a Cryptid? And if you have, what was it?

    I have to say I have seen 3 cryptids.

    Here they are:


    • Mothman- I was in my bed, trying to sleep and all of a sudden; I see 2, yellow eyes staring into my room! I was terrified! And yes, YELLOW eyes. Young Mothman?
    • Giant Bird- I was outside and I saw this, HUGE bird swoop overhead! It was black.
    • Giant Fish- I never actually saw this one, but I saw what it can do! I was on a rock, fishing , waiting for a bite. Then suddenly, I heard my cousin grunting and I saw him fighting a HUGE fish! It did not see the size, but his rod was bending nearly to breaking point! The line snapped and his bobber flew back 5 feet and hit a rock. I think it was a Pike, or a Muskie. Or was it a LAKE …
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