Biollante is a Female monster that first appears in the movie Godzilla vs Biollante.

Biollante Final Form


The daughter of doctor Shiragami passes on. Shiragami wants to bring his Erica back to life. So he mixes

her cells with rose cells. One night a volcano eruption kills some of his roses. Shirgami Freaks out and mixes Erica's cells and rose cells with Godzilla cells so it would become invincible. A few days later Biollante attacks 2 criminals that break into Shiragami's lab. After that Biollante runs to a lake to grow. Her wails

caused Godzilla to head to her location. Godzilla wounds Biollante's ink sak and kills her. Biollante reforms and starts battling Godzilla again. Godzilla then badly injures Biollante with his atomic breath causing her to combust.

Powers Rose form


Biollante Rose Form

Rose form

Powers Final form



Final form

Acid sap


The developer of Biollante is a dentist!

Biollante has 4 legs.

Biollante's sak is her weak spot.

The scaley lines on Biollante's back are supposed to resamble the dorsal fins on Godzilla. Biollante has teeth all over the inside of her jaws. Her eyes are a complete white. Some of her cells were used to create SpaceGodzilla. Biollante is the only Heisei Monster that can't fly.

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