Bile demon concept art

Bile demons are vile, bloated monsters from the strategy game Dungeon Keeper. They are the slowest creatures in the game as their bodies are so heavy and bulky that their legs have been squashed into minute stumps, forcing them to shuffle and waddle rather than walk. They are notorious gluttons and too many bile demons in a dungeon can lead to food shortages since they eat so many chickens in the hatcheries. Their primary use in the dungeon is combat.


  • Melee - Bile demons strike foes with their gangly arms or with the spiked flails hanging from their horns.
  • Grenade - A bizarre projectile that looks like a small, green reptilian head. It bounces around for a short while before it explodes.
  • Fart - The flatulent bile demon periodically releases toxic gases that choke any unfortunate creatures within a certain radius.


  • Food - Bile demons are horrendously gluttonous. A large hatchery is sure to attract several to your dungeon.
  • Combat - Bile demons live for eating and also fighting. When not gorging themselves in the hatchery, they will be working up a sweat in the training room to stay prepared for when the dungeon is inevitably breached by foolish heroes.
  • Manufacturing - Bile demons can also be quite handy in the workshop, building traps and doors to better fortify your dungeon.


  •  Research - Have you ever heard of a bile demon who could read? Not damn likely; there's nothing scholarly about them so don't expect to find one in the library... unless he's after toilet paper.
  • Skeletons - Bile demons hate Skeletons and the two creatures will attack each other unless they are kept in seperate areas of the dungeon.
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