Berk is an odd blue monster who is the main character in the BBC stop-motion animated kids television show The Trap Door.


A vaguely pear-shaped blue creature, Berk has a pair of oversized feet which seem to be attached directly to his body, and fairly long arms with extremely large hands. He doesn’t appear to have a head as such, although his mouth is located on the very top of his body, with eyes which sit directly on top of his shoulders.

He is generally a happy monster who enjoys cooking, although many of the ingredients that Berk uses would not really count as food as we know it.



Berk lives in an old castle “somewhere in the dark and nasty regions, where nobody goes,” where he works as a general dogsbody for a grumpy old monster who is only ever referred to as the Thing Upstairs, or ’Im Upstairs. Here, Berk performs all of the duties needed to keep the castle running: cooking, cleaning, and getting rid of the monsters which invariably pop up through the Trap Door on the regular occasions that Berk leaves it open. How Berk came to live and work there is never explained in the show.

Berk’s best friends are a small, spider-like monster called Drutt, and a talking skull named Boni. He is also on good terms with a rather stupid creature from the Trap Door, Rogg.

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