It’s hero time!- Ben Tennyson.

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Ben Tennyson is the ten-year-old protagonist of Cartoon Network's animated franchise Ben 10.


A typical skinny pre-teen boy, Ben was just another ordinary kid before his discovery of the Omnitrix, an alien device which allows him to use the genetic codes stored within to transform into a variety of different extraterrestrial species. Although very self-centred and at times arrogant with a tendency to throw himself into situations without properly thinking through the consequences, Ben has nevertheless shown himself to be a deeply caring individual, willing to risk life and limb to help others in trouble.


Whilst on vacation with his Grandpa Max and cousin Gwen, Ben was spending some time alone in the woods when he witnessed what he thought was a shooting star falling to Earth. Upon investigation, he discovered the Omnitrix, a piece of highly-sophisticated alien technology which granted him the ability to shift into a multitude of different alien body types that immediately attached itself to him. Since then, Ben has used the power of the Omnitrix to fight evil wherever he finds it and has thus become the planet's greatest protector.

Alien Forms

Although the Omnitrix has granted Ben access to a multitude of different forms over the years, it is only capable of holding the DNA codes for ten at a time within its housing. Some of the different alien modes gifted to Ben are listed below.


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