the normal bell gargoyles

The Bell Gargoyles, also known as Belfry Gargoyles, are large demons found on the roof of the church in the Undead Parish, just before the first Bell of Awakening, and serve as bosses in Dark Souls. Two of these attack the Chosen Undead during his/her quest to either end or extend the Age of Fire. Another two can be found in Anor Londo. Five more Bell Gargoyles attack the player at the bottom of Belfry Luna, in the Lost Bastille, and serve as a collective boss of Dark Souls 2.



the variants in Anor Londo

The Gargoyles are large humanoids, at least twice as tall as a normal human, and are armed with a halberd and round shield, both unique to them. Each gargoyle has a pair of large, yet torn, bat wings growing from their back. It's head is covered by a helmet, which obscures most of its features. Its tail ends in an axe head, although this can be severed for the player's use.



As winged creatures, the Bell Gargoyles are capable of flight.

Elemental Breath

The Gargoyles on the roof of the church and in Belfry Luna have the ability to breath fire, whilst the two in Anor Londo can breath lightning at foes.

Tail Weapon

The Gargoyle's Tail Axe is a dangerous weapon, and can be swung to deal with enemies behind the Gargoyle, or used to slash at attackers mid-flight.


Blunt weaponry

The Bell Gargoyles in both games are weak to blunt weaponry as they have heavier defense.

Weak to fire (Bell Gargoyles)

The Bell Gargoyles from Dark Souls are weak to fire.

Weak to lightning (Belfry Gargoyles)

The Belfry Gargoyles from Dark souls 2 are weak to lightning.

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