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Battra was a monstrous moth kaiju which appeared in Toho Studios' Godzilla vs. Mothra creature feature.


In its larval form, Battra resembled an enormous armoured maggot with a long, chitinous horn from which it could fire blasts of energy. This version was capable of burrowing through bedrock at incredible speed. In its metamorphosed form, it looked like a gigantic moth with a wingspan of 180 metres, could fly at a speed of Mach 3, and had the ability to shoot blasts of concentrated light energy from its compound eyes.


Created twelve thousand years ago by the very Earth itself to combat a prehistoric civilisation which had developed a weather control device, Battra was originally intended to simply destroy the device. However, the kaiju went too far and wiped out the entire race before turning its attention to humankind. In response Mothra, one of humanity's greatest protectors, did battle with Battra and bested it, eventually sealing it away deep beneath the North Sea.

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In the modern era, Battra was awakened by a meteorite strike and quickly burrowed its way to Japan where it devastated one of the countries major cities.

Later coming across a battling Godzilla and Mothra, Battra attacked Godzilla and the two sunk to the bottom of the Philippine Trench. Surviving the encounter, Battra emerged from the ocean depths, metamorphosed into its moth form, and sought out its old foe Mothra.

During its battle against Mothra, Godzilla reappeared and attacked Mothra, nearly killing the butterfly kaiju. Seeing this, Battra decided that Godzilla was the greater of two evils and assisted its former enemy. Together, Battra and Mothra defeated Godzilla, and carried his unconscious form out to sea. Godzilla was not done, however, and on the journey awoke and killed Battra by tearing out its throat and then blasting it with his signature atomic breath.

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