Barroth is a Brute Wyvern found in the games of the Monster Hunter universe.


Barroths appears similar to a theropod dinosaur with thick plted armor. It's nostrils are located within the large plates above its snout. This enables it to submerge itself in cooling mud during the heat of the day, in its typically warm habitats.


This species is an insectivore, but is still highly aggressive once disturbed. Anyone approaching this beast will firstly be greeted with a roar, which it follows through with an attack. Barroths attack using the the enormous plates on its head as a battering ram, smashing both terrain and players alike.

Once it has committed itself to an attack, barroths will not stop until one party is defeated (like most monsters).

Place in the food chain

While it preys on insects, a barroth is in the middle of the in-game food chain, thanks to its aggression. It fights with apex predators like Diablos, but never does win.

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