Baragon in Frankenstein vs. Baragon

Baragon (バラゴン), not to be confused with Barugon from Daiei Films' Gamera franchise, is a mammal-like dinosaur monster from the Godzilla series that first appeared in the 1965 film Frankenstein Concurs The World, or more well known as Frankenstein vs Baragon.


Baragon resembles a cross between a dinosaur and a canine, with very large ears, a nasal horn, and a ridged back. Baragon is 25 meters tall, 40 meters long, and weighs 250 tons in the Showa era. In GMK, Baragon is 30 meters tall, 35 meters long, and weighs 10,000 tons.


In the Showa era, Baragon was a subterranean prehistoric creature that was awakened and began to eat livestock in the Japanese countryside. In GMK, Baragon was an ancient guardian monster that was slain and laid to rest underground to one day rise again to defend Japan.

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