The Bandersnatch is a gruesome humanoid creature from the Resident Evil game series. It was produced as an experimental B.O.W. by the Umbrella Corporation and was intended to be a more cost-effective variant of the Tyrant. It has appeared in Resident Evil - Code: Veronica X and in The Darkside Chronicles.


The Bandersnatch can be described as a shambling mass of cancerous flesh. It appears to be necrotic but does not decay in the same way that zombies do. It moves slowly, but its body is composed of pliant tissue that can absorb quite a few bullets. Its most distinguishing feature is its arm, which can stretch several feet and has a very powerful grip. Though it only has one arm, the Bandersnatch is not to be underestimated: it can grasp surfaces several feet away and quickly pull itself closer to prey. It attacks with punches and slaps and can even grab a person by the head and crush their skull. Shotguns and other assault weapons will be sufficient to kill these creatures, though explosive projectiles are recommended when facing several at once.

After the destruction of Umbrella's Rockfort Island base, all production of the Bandersnatchers ceased.