Azhorra-Tha is an Outer God which features in the H.P. Lovecraft-inspired Cthulhu Mythos.


As with all of its kind, Azhorra-Tha's true appearance is impossible to comprehend by the mortal mind. This being said, it has been described as a bizarre hybrid with insect-, toad- and squid-like features whose physical manifestation is in a constant state of flux.


After the Elder Gods fought and defeated the Great Old Ones on Earth in the distant past, Azhorra-Tha attempted to flee but was captured by the Elder Gods who imprisoned it on Mars using their star-stones, artefacts which are anathema to Azhorra-Tha and its ilk.

A thousand years later, the alien Mi-go came across the celestial being's prison and, fearful that the monstrosity may be accidentally released, put in place measures and protections to ensure that no human would ever be able to perceive its eternal gaol.


  • Azhorra-Tha made its only appearance in Edward P. Berglund's short story The Feaster from the Stars (2000).