An Asanbosam.

The Asanbosam is a vampire-like creature of African folklore. It is said to have iron teeth, and hang in trees, waiting for prey to walk below so it can strike.


Its does this in a variety of different ways depending on the legend. The most common one is that it drops down in front of you, holding onto the tree with its hooked feet.

The second way is that it hangs onto a branch and swings its hooked feet either into or around you and then pulls you into the tree tops. The least most famous one is that it jabs its hooks into your neck, drains the blood through its feet and eats the flesh. In Ghana, the person who very mentions his name is destined to bring bad luck to themselves and everyone else around them.

It is also rumoured to have a snake as a tail, probably to distract its prey until it attacks. There have also been stories of it playing with its victims, like a cat does with a mouse.

Some say that it looks human enough to pass away in bad light, although its hooked feet are always a giveaway!