Horny the Clown

Archie Benjamin, also known as Horny the clown, is the main antagonist of the horror and comedy film "Drive Thru" also known as "Bloody Smile" in Spanish, released in 2007.

He was portrayed by Van De La Plante, and voiced by Gordon Clapp.


Archie Benjamin was a teenager who had dropped out of school to help his father in his restaurant "Hella Burger", in which he would take care of the establishment's mascot. He was commonly molested by a group of boys who went to the place, in this group there was a girl named Marcie, with whom Archie had fallen in love, but the girl had a boyfriend, and when he found out, he decided to organize a joke on Archie in the day his birthday, but the joke ends up going wrong, and Archie ends up being burned alive. Some time later, Archie resurrects as a kind of malevolent entity that kills the children of those who burned him, her main objective being to incinerate Marcie, as she and her friends cremated him.

Drive Thru (2007)

Brandon Meeks, Tony and his girlfriends Brittany and Tiffany arrive at the fast food restaurant Hella Burger. When placing an order at the drive-thru, the drive through the cashier insults them and Tony bursts into the restaurant to confront the cashier. He searches the restaurant and Horny the Clown, Hella Burger's mascot and the one who had been insulting the group on the intercom, jumps out and attacks him. Brandon walks into the restaurant to look for Tony and finds him face to face in the deep fryer with his face burned. He is later attacked and killed by Horny with a butcher knife. Horny then goes out and murders Brittany and Tiffany when they discover the bodies of their boyfriends in the back seat.

Meanwhile, Mackenzie is having a house party with her boyfriend Fisher and hers friends Val, Van and Starfire. The group holds a ouija board and decides to ask him what his future will hold, to which the ouija board explains "N1KLPL8", a message that is unclear until the next day when the group sees a newsletter, showing that he is the one. license plate on Brandon's car.

The next day at school, Val is ambushed by Horny in the locker room. Mackenzie complains that someone stole her camera at the party, but after school, the janitor, Eddie, gives her the camera. Mackenzie stays behind to reveal the photos of her and discovers that she shows the deaths of the four murdered teenagers. Horny chases Mackenzie to the gym, where he finds that Val's head has been placed in a modified microwave, which when turned on causes his head to explode. Horny chases Mackenzie around the school, where he discovers that Lenny has been hanged, before running into a police officer, who fails to find a body.

Mackenzie is taken to the police station with her mother, Marcia, and her father, Bill, to be questioned by Detective Brenda Chase and Detective Dwayne Crockers. The two detectives do not believe Mackenzie's story, but suspect that Lenny is the killer. The next day, detectives visit Jack Benjamin, the owner of Hella Burger, who proves to be of no help in solving the case.

That night, Mackenzie and Fisher prepare to work in a haunted house at a carnival. While they work, they have a discussion with Chad and Tina, before going on the trip. Suddenly, the lights go out and Chad is beheaded, before Horny stabs Tina. Mackenzie and Starfire enter the haunted house and find Fisher in shock after witnessing the murders.

Mackenzie goes to visit Fisher in the hospital with Marcia. Mackenzie is annoyed with Marcia because she believes that she is hiding something from him, since all the murdered teenagers are children of her old friends from her high school. Detective Chase hears this and asks Tina's father Bert. When Mackenzie comes home, Marcia tells her that when she was young, she and her friends accidentally murdered Archie Benjamin, Jack Benjamin's son, on his 18th birthday at Hella Burger, and now his vengeful spirit has returned from the dead to get revenge. Mackenzie and Fisher are then attacked, rendering Mackenzie unconscious and Fisher cornered. Fisher manages to unmask Horny, whose eyes turn bloodshot as he looks at Horny, who then throws him out of a window.

Meanwhile, Detective Chase and Detective Crockers come to the house and find Jack Benjamin behind his bed, trying to hide from Archie. Mackenzie wakes up in Hella Burger, tied to a chair with her mouth gagged and surrounded by her murdered friends of hers. A birthday cake is in front of her, as it is now her 18th birthday. Horny appears and reveals her plan before dousing her with gasoline and holds a lit candle close to her face, about to repeat what Marcia did to her years ago. Marcia arrives and shoots the clown in her mouth but to no avail. Mackenzie takes a sip of whiskey from a flask she carries and puts it in her mouth.

Horny torments her with another candle as she laughs face to face, not realizing that Mackenzie has the whiskey in her mouth. She spits the whiskey at him and sets it on fire. Mackenzie and Marcia escape while Horny burns to death. Mackenzie and Marcia rush to the hospital to see Fisher, whose eyes are still bloodshot, revealing that Archie has possessed Fisher's body. Mackenzie walks in to see him only to find the window open and his discarded clothes lying outside on the ground, implying that Archie will continue his murderous attack through Fisher's body. Detective Crockers goes to the Hella Burger, places an order on the road, and Horny jumps on the hood of his cruiser, killing him through the windshield.

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