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Anubis is a type of Bio-Organic Weapon that appears in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Originally created by Umbrella a short time before the company's collapse, the skeletal Anubis was intended to be a low-cost alternative to the Hunter series of B.O.W.s. Leon Kennedy and Jack Krauser encountered several of these creatures during Operation: Javier.

Anubis is named after the Egyptian god Anubis, the god of burial.


The Anubis was created by Umbrella using extensive genetic splicing and surgery. Initially, the creature is a bat that is infected with the T-virus with insect genes introduced to the ensuing mutation. Hoping to create a highly mobile B.O.W., the developers conducted several lengthy surgeries to remove the creatures' skin, body fat, muscle tissue and the majority of the internal organs to produce an extremely nimble yet durable weapon.

The Anubis appears to be skeletal with only minimal flesh and vital organs to keep it alive. Its bone tissue is very dense and resistant to gunfire, but it primarily relies on its speed and agility to avoid attacks while at the same time quickly advancing on its prey. Its blade-shaped claws are well-suited for slicing prey to pieces and gripping to surfaces. It also sports a boney tendril on each arm that add to its offensive capabilities.


The Anubis is highly aggressive and will use its agility to leap about and avoid enemy attacks and take its prey by surprise. It will eviscerate its prey and then feed on the innards.

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