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Anthropod is an alien monster in the world of X-Com: Apocalypse, where extradimensional aliens attempt to invade Mega-Primus - last remaining human city on Earth.


Anthropod is vaguely humanoid in appearance in that it is a bipedal creature with two arms. Similarities end there. It has brightly colored blue, thick skin that's crossed by plenty of large veins that suggest a functional cardiovascular system. It lacks neck and shoulders, but does have a lump of alien flesh where you'd expect head. Massive mouth has rows of teeth. 

Appendages of this alien have only two digits, which end in spiky nails. Without fingers and a thumb it has trouble manipulating objects on Earth, but will do so if needed. However, their own organic technology is well adapted to their lack of precision movement. 

Autopsy reports reveal that anthropods have various organs, including a functional brain that is on par with human intelligence, as well as a digestive system. These aliens lack bone structure, which probably makes their existence in our dimension taxing on it's physique. Anthropods have a maximum life span of five days once exposed to liabilities of Earth. 

Anthropods do not reproduce. They are grown instead, and are one of the possible creatures that eventually emerge from a chrysalis

Role in invasion

Anthropods are basic soldiers of aliens during their invasion, and as such are seen most commonly in combat situations. In a fight they apply tactics comparable to human soldiers, although with one distinct difference: they seem to lack self preservation when it comes to neutralizing their target. If an anthropod can kill a human at the cost of it's own life, it will do so without hesitation. 

They are not fearless, though. In prolonged fights when aliens are clearly losing, they may panic and run away in disorganized manner. Perhaps their nervous system becomes overloaded in situations where anthropods can not ensure victory even by sacrificing themselves. 

Anthropods are also deployed to propagate alien infiltration of Mega-Primus. They do this with a special brainsucker launcher, which allows them to spread Brainsuckers to otherwise inaccessible locations.